• Image of Trench Foot - Moral Obscenity Cassette (DC62)

Dry Cough is sickened to present the a new cassette release from one-man Death Metal project, TRENCH FOOT.

Spawned in a festering Liverpool basement, by the depraved mind Joe Bradley, Trench Foot takes equal amounts of influence from late '80s and early '90s Death Metal (particularly the Floridian scene), and the Video Nasty era of Horror Film.
With snarling gutturals and meaty, hook-laden riffs, the three bludgeoning tracks that make up Moral Obscenity are so repulsive and squalid sounding, you'll be left wondering why the maniac responsible is still at large.

Artwork by the always vile and disgusting ROTTING HEAD.

Limited to 100 copies.

Brutal Cave Productions (Portugal) will be handling a CD release; whilst Frozen Screams Imprint, and Stump Grinder Records will be issuing a US cassette verison.

Sold Out