• Image of Visions From Beyond - Portal To Inertia Cassette (DC71)

Dry Cough is honoured to bring forth another new slab of ancient death metal and cosmic funeral doom by VISIONS FROM BEYOND.

Portal To Inertia is the new 4 track EP of tortured and demented premonitions that take the listener on a journey further and further into the dreaded Portal of Inertia.

Featuring heavier-than-hell riffs that plant themselves in your brain for days, otherworldly guttural vocals, cosmic lead guitar lines and a general feeling of despair and misery that only UK bands can seem to muster. Prepare yourself for a one-way journey into the depths of hell.

FFO: Khanate, Burning Witch, Mortiferum, Gorguts, Desecresy

Limited to 100 copies.