• Image of Coffin Mulch - Spectral Intercession Cassette (DC73)
  • Image of Coffin Mulch - Spectral Intercession Cassette (DC73)
  • Image of Coffin Mulch - Spectral Intercession Cassette (DC73)
  • Image of Coffin Mulch - Spectral Intercession Cassette (DC73)
  • Image of Coffin Mulch - Spectral Intercession Cassette (DC73)

It’s a huge honour for Dry Cough to bring you the UK/Euro cassette issue of “Spectral Intercession”, the immense debut album from Scottish death metal monsters, COFFIN MULCH.

I was lucky enough to snag a copy of their self-released demo tape back in 2019, solely based on the name, and the fact that it was that bloke who runs At War With False Noise, Al’s new band. Straight away I was hooked, and it seems bonkers now to think that we had to wait almost 2 years for them to follow it up with the Septic Funeral EP. That release garnered tonnes of praise and love from seemingly everyone in the world of death metal, and rightly so, and my copy spent many an hour on my turntable during the ensuing two years.
Being in semi-regular contact with Al and former guitarist Dave (also of Gouger), I knew for a while that they were working on the eagerly anticipated album, but it blew my mind when Al asked me at the start of 2022 if Dry Cough wanted to put it out on cassette when it was finished. Obviously I said “Shit! Yeah man I’d fucking love to do that!!!”, and here we finally are.

As everyone knows, there is so much quality death metal around nowadays, and it’s sometimes hard to get bands / releases heard by enough people due to the deluge; somehow I can’t see that being a problem with this album! COFFIN MULCH are staunchly DIY and have done everything on their own terms and in their own time, and despite playing a limited number of shows, and having only released about a dozen tracks in 4 years, they’ve still managed to build a reputation as one of the finest “new” death metal bands in the world.
“Septic Intercession” bolsters that reputation and then some, perfectly proving the old adage that “good things come to those that wait”.

This is a truly stunning death metal album. Just eight songs clocking in at just over half an hour - long enough to suck you into its twisted, depraved depths, but short enough to leave you gasping for air and begging for more!
The band have developed a superb knack of writing ferocious music that can at times be insanely catchy. Their perfectly harnessed, HM-2 fuelled raging fury has some obvious influences, but still sounds fresh and vital, and should see them elevated them to the top of the pile come the day of reckoning (well, the AOTY lists in December!).

As well as the sick death metal sounds, the talents of BRAD MOORE and WESLEY BROWN were commissioned to provide some equally sick artwork to adorn all formats, making it not only one of best sounding, but also best looking releases of the year!

As well as the Dry Cough cassette variant available here, there will be a US cassette issue with alternative layout via GURGLING GORE. Spanish label MEMENTO MORI handling the CD release, and Al’s label, AT WAR WITH FALSE NOISE, has gone all in on the vinyl version, with four different colour pressings alongside the standard black, plus a limited tour version with load of extras.
If you prefer a clutter-free existence, and digital is your thing, then head over to COFFIN MULCH’s Bandcamp page:


You have no excuses.