• Image of Slimelord - Moss Contamination EP Cassette (Seed Of Doom Press)


Dry Cough has once again bravely ventured into the deep dark depths of Yorkshire, to seek out the bog dwelling entity that is SLIMELORD, to assist in the the release of their new EP, MOSS CONTAMINATION.

First demoed in January of 2020, MOSS CONTAMINATION has been festering ever since, hungry to be unleashed! Whereas 2019 debut THE DELTA DEATH SIRENS was a treacherous slog through cursed and disgusting swamplands, this follow-up EP is a haunting excursion deep into ever-echoing cave systems.

Intentionally recorded to induce unease with shrill, cavern-esque reverberations gnawing at your psyche, MOSS CONTAMINATION is five more tracks of death metal battering rams and dripping atmospheres complete with tales of carnivorous plants and puddle dwelling demons!

Once again, this will be released with fellow filth peddlers, SEED OF DOOM (Netherlands) and SEWER ROT (US), though this time as a co-ordinated, 3-pronged attack.

The EP will emerge on 3rd September on cassette, CD & digital, with coloured vinyl set to follow in January 2022 (thanks to the ongoing pressing plant delays).

Pre-orders for ALL formats will commence on 24th August.

Dry Cough - Vinyl & Cassette
Seed Of Doom - Cassette
Sewer Rot - Vinyl, Cassette & CD

Each label will be releasing their own cassette variant, with the Dry Cough & Seed of Doom versions featuring exclusive additional audio, whilst the Sewer Rot cassette & CD will have a bonus track.