• Image of Rancid Cadaver - Flesh Monstrosity (DC59)

Dry Cough has again travelled north of the wall to dig up another rotting lump of death metal, this time in the horribly disfigured form of Glasgow's RANCID CADAVER.

RANCID CADAVER, featuring members of Bhàs and Fatal Collision, have been festering away for a while, finally crawling forth from their tomb with their eagerly anticipated debut release, FLESH MONSTROSITY.
The five tracks of reeking, unrelenting OSDM that make up the EP are brutal and raw, and do a fine job of capturing the evil energy and heaviness of their, to date, handful of live shows, and prove that the band are an exciting and hugely promising addition to the burgeoning Scottish & UK death metal scenes.

Out on cassette on Friday 13th May.