• Image of Clairvoyance - Demo 2020 7"

Behind The Mountain, Poland

"Creepy samples churn the demo into life with a harsh and discomforting sound before blastbeats hammer into life with a mudslide of viciously putrid riffs. The vocals quickly ensue to add more morbid vomit to the swirling cacophony of instrumental glory, this is some pungent material indeed. Doomy passages add charnel ferocity to the demo with a monolithic blend of crushing ideas coming together to make for a forceful and memorable performance. Fans of Fetid, Cerebral Rot, Sedimentum and the like will certainly adore these maniacs.

With a murky production to suit the swamp-fused brand of Death Metal that Clairvoyance play, this three piece demo delivers disgustingly odious sounds by the bucketful. The drums offer a variety of blastbeats and stomps, the riffs channel some demonic and grotesque sounds while the vocalist is wretchedly appropriate for the band, delivering some gutturals as low and gurgling as the instruments. This thunderous trio of tracks is utterly fantastic with plenty of replay value.

As I had hoped for, this demo is another rancid slab of Death Metal from Caligari Records, whom have offered many ferocious demos of recent. This is another killer slice of cutting edge Death Metal gruel to add to their catalog. Seriously brutal, skull-stomping material that is not to be missed by fans of utterly abominable Death Metal" - Nattskog