• Image of Liquid Shit - Untold Horrors (DC57)

Dry Cough is thrilled you bring you the repulsive new release from death-sludge miscreants, LIQUID SHIT.

'Untold Horrors' is the second tape of thick, unctuous, unpleasant sludge death by Liquid Shit. Following on from 2020's 'Pillars of Shit' on Hominid Sounds, this new release sees them heading down an even sludgier, deathier and more disgusting path, dripping with malice, misery and feedback. The London five-piece features former members of UK grind and hardcore bands Dead Sea Fucking Scrolls, Cutting Pink With Knives, Navajo Code, The Entire Asian Population and Domestic Blitz. It's slow hardcore spattered with early '90s death metal and it sounds exactly like you think it would: like Liquid Shit.

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