• Image of Legion Of Andromeda - Fistful Of Hate LP

From At War With False Noise, UK

"Second full-length from At War stalwarts and greatest friends LOA!

While single-minded bludgeon and distinct lack of progression is almost Legion's MO, this album is pretty distinct in the fact that it is pretty different from their first record, released several years ago now. The production definitely is miles away from the clarity and raw heaviness of Steve Albini's on Iron Scorn; this one is like a kinda thick gargling spew forcing through the grill of yer speakers: the guitar is a total thick mucky dirge and vocals are hidden under layers of ultra distortion, pinned by the relentless monotony of the bass drum. The only sound that has much definition is the "ting" of the drum machine cymbal every four beats. It's fucking cool.

Recruited here to add more grot is Finnish master of perverse noise Bizarre Uproar, and tracks are held together with his torture chamber ambience and creeping layers of dread.

In keeping with the kinda minimalist/maximalist dichotomy at the heart of the LOA manifesto is stark white identical front and back artwork and garish static inner sleeves which induce as much of a brain-collapse as listening to the tunes does.

There's no obvious start or end to this record, there are no atmospheric intros of codas at the end. There's nothing, there's Fistful Of Hate, then there's nothing again. When it ends you have a kinda empty feeling wondering why you put yourself through it all, like at the end of that last series of Twin Peaks. Am I fucked? Is the world fucked? What's the point? Fuck off. "