• Image of Fetid Zombie - Where Worms Crawl EP Cassette

"After more than a year of silence, FETID ZOMBIE upheaves from below with a new EP that delivers stripped-to-the-bone underground death metal with hints of melody and atmosphere. Five new songs appear alongside "Graven Image"—co-written with Steve Miller (LOCULUS) and originally published in split 7" EP format in 2018. Fronted by Chris Monroy (SKELETAL REMAINS), this slab of death metal also features backing vocals by Dawn Desiree' (AUTUMN TEARS) and Dylan Jones (ROTTED), with shredding guitar solos by Monroy (SKELETAL REMAINS), Andrew Lee (RIPPED TO SHREDS), James Malone (ARSIS), Malcolm Pugh (INFERI), and Terrance Hobbs (SUFFOCATION)."