• Image of Cicutoxin / Slave Hands -  Unholy Storm / IV 10"

"Cicutoxin’s hardcore/sludge is as raw as it is real. Their opening song Tarnung begins with a minimal wave of sludge and then breaks into fits of bizarre powerviolence. Begehrensmachine features ninety seconds of riffs and acrid Finnish screams. They’re being slightly sarcastic with the song-title Quick I think. It starts off fast and then slows right down. It’s good to hear their punk influence alive and well though. Geschmackssache is a downtuned old-school number and reminds me a bit of departed veterans Black Sabbath in it’s opening bars. Of course, that image is blown to pieces seconds later as Cicutoxin once again launches into their own brand of heavy punk/sludge/violent madness. Final song Death Threat Message is equally as mad with plenty of off-kilter textures and really brooding atmosphere. Just like this review, it’s all over the place but in a good way! Slave Hands have only one song on here, simply called IV. Their’s is a more bass-heavy sound and one that’s more extreme as well. Not so much punk but a whole lot more metal. The vocals are straight out of the scare-the-hell-out-of-the-listener handbook, but like Cicutoxin they also have a raw sound that makes them really endearing. The occasional swathes of feedback make the sound thicker and sometime murkier, which definitely enhances the atmosphere and the sense of gloom. This is great. Both Cicutoxin and Slave Hands make effective use of their sides and their different approaches make this a really worthwhile listen." - This Noise Is Ours