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“The only thing higher than our spirits are the flames.”

Bull of Apis Bull of Bronze is a collective against hierarchies and the power structures that divide and separate humanity. The power that you feel inside you should be focused as a knife point into the hearts of those that only know how to consume, and those that live off the backs of the downtrodden.

With “Offerings of Flesh and Gold”, we seek to bring light to they who exploit, corrupt, extort, and murder. We seek to bring power those that suffer under these murderers. The struggling worker. The single mother who holds down multiple jobs and and can’t afford health insurance. The student who takes a career solely to pay off the loans that got them there. The farmer who loses their government subsidies to factory farmers and clearcutters. The person of color who cannot walk down the street without fearing for their lives because the
people who are supposed to protect them and the people that directly wish them harm are often one and the same.

The systems that keep these people living in fear and preventing them from bettering themselves are theenemy.

We aim to use the frustration, anger, and horror of our time to pursue meaningful change. Black metal is about power. That fire in your belly can be harnessed. It can be pointed in a direction that moves us forward.That is what we hope to accomplish.

“We will melt the thrones to cast bowls and spears.
So man may know the true god, themselves.
And none shall ever go hungry again.”

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