• Image of Black Wound - Wither Cassette (DC63)

Dry Cough proudly presents 'Wither', the new two track release from Stockholm's Black Wound. Following on from their hugely well received 5 track debut EP, 'To The Endless depths', and their 'Deterioration Of Light' split with fellow Swedes Skullsceptre, the trio return to darken your summer daze with another two slabs of murky, cavernous death-doom.
From the second the opening riff you're instantly transported to some cold, dank undergound dwelling and pummelled with a barrage of distorted amps, pounding drums, and tortured, agonizing vocals, which merge into a devastating wall of brutal old school death doom to crush you beneath it's almighty heft.
Despite only being two tracks, 'Wither' still clocks in at just short of 15 minutes, (consisting of both their shortest and longest compositions to date), but the band cram in an array of ideas, with death metal blasts, trudging funeral doom dirges, and spidery, chasmal melodic passages all blended together effortlessly to create some of the most disgusting death-doom you'll hear this year, and leave you begging these young harbingers of misery for more.

As with their previous releases, the tracks are recorded and mastered by drummer Gustav Magnusson, with artwork from bassist & vocalist William Kaloczy. True DIY!

Limited to 100 copies.

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