• Image of Black Wound - To The Endless Depths Tape (DC49)
  • Image of Black Wound - To The Endless Depths Tape (DC49)

Dry Cough is proud to announce the debut physical release from Swedish death-doom peddlers, Black Wound.

This disgustingly young trio hail from Stockholm, and like countless numbers of their countrymen before them, have discovered that knack for concocting brilliantly crude and rancid death metal that Scandinavians do better than most!

As with the last couple of Dry Cough releases (Sewer Fiend & Visions From Beyond), Black Wound blend an unhealthy dose of slow crushing doom with their bludgeoning death; topped off with the kind of agonizing vocals that sound like they were recorded deep in a freezing cave; the results being some of the finest cavernous death-doom you'll hear this year.

‘To The Endless Depths’ consists of 5 tracks, all recorded and mastered by the band’s 17 year old (!?!?) drummer, Gustaf Magnusson, with the organic DIY sound perfectly complimenting the raw riffs and pounding drums.

Given the current popularity of putrid OSDM, I’ll be amazed if these guys don’t become a big deal in the underground death metal scene very soon; they certainly have time and talent on their side!

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