• Image of Moloch / Groak - split 7” (DC39)
  • Image of Moloch / Groak - split 7” (DC39)

Dry Cough is thrilled to be teaming up with Germany’s Heavenly Vault Records to release a split 7” from two of the UK's finest, yet very different, sludge bands.

Nottingham’s Moloch are veritable veterans of the UK underground, with two LPs and a plethora of EPs and splits over the last 12 years. This release is their third in the last 12 months, following their 2nd LP ‘A Bad Place’, and the more recent ‘Love Songs’ 7”, and their offering - Thy Grief II - sees them continue along their current trajectory, once more peppering their menacing, caustic riffs in piercing feedback, providing the perfect backing to the abrasive, hate-filled vocals. As good as ever!

Though their members are all stalwarts of the furtive Leeds scene, DIY trio Groak are relative newcomers compared to Moloch, with just an EP and a couple of splits under their belt so far.
Whilst they like to dabble more in the faster stuff than their mates on the flip side, they’re still more at home peddling lumbering, murky sludge, and it’s that weightier side of their sound that’s showcased to brutal effect on their track, Quiet Graft; probably their best to date - and hopefully a pre-cursor to an overdue full length.

Artwork by Steve Larder

500 copies (100 White/400 Black)
Comes with download code.