• Image of Penny Coffin - Conscripted Morality 12"

Macho Records, UK

Conscripted Morality sees the band continuing down their suffocatingly dark path of harsh and caustic death metal, dragging you deeper into their haunting, nightmarish world.

“Conscripted Morality is a collection of home-brew death metal, made with a budget of zero. The lyrical themes reflect the abhorrent acts of violence we have grown to accept, excuse or turn a blind eye to—primarily war and the people who perpetuate it.”

Already one of the heaviest bands in the burgeoning NWOBDM scene, the four tracks that make up this EP only confirm this to be the case, with both their songwriting and overall sound showing obvious progression and growth since the release of last year's “ΣΚΕΛΕΤΙΚΟ ΣΚΟΤΑΔΙ”. There are few band's capable of creating music this catastrophically crushing, whilst effortlessy managing to keep it sounding fresh!