• Image of Olde - Pilgrimage Cassette

Medusa Crush Recordings, Canada

"Fittingly, Pilgrimage was quite a journey for Olde as a band,” the band tells Decibel. “Even pre-pandemic, due to drastic geographical realignments, we had to completely redetermine how to continue to function as band, and decide if we could even carry on making music together. Ultimately, we decided to stay dedicated in trying to make the best record we could. And that’s what we believe this record is; our best.

We have tried to marry the relentless urgency and heaviness that we’ve delivered in the past with more melody, more precision and more ambience. We were confident that we could push ourselves and hone in more on emotion and dynamics without sacrificing our preferred heft or turning our backs on the power of the almighty riff. Our attention to detail in all matters regarding songwriting, performance and production were thereby cranked up several notches, and this record came to be."
- DECIBEL magazine