• Image of Coffin Mulch - Demo 12"

From At War With False Noise, UK

"This is the first Coffin Mulch EP/demo which originally came out in 2019 as a run of 150 tapes and sold out almost instantly! We struggled to get gigs when we first started cos....well there weren't any death metal bands really going and nobody was all that helpful or supportive of such a venture: how times have changed eh! I don't wanna get too up ourselves but I do think a lot of bands took our lead not just sonically but in terms of attitude as well: there's a long way to go still, but we're in a position where there's a cool scene going and it's not just the same established goons putting their pals on all the time.

So this is a three-tracker, maybe more "metal" with a murky, more soupy sound than later stuff. It's definitely got a different kinda bulldozer vibe to it that kinda went in favour of a punker edge on the next records. I certainly had Cianide and Asphyx in mind more than the constant Entombed references we get now! Vocals are entirely incomprehensible sludge, think I was going for Reek of Putrefaction, maybe missed the mark a wee bit. Whiff Of Putrefaction.

This was written I think as a three-piece of me (Al) on vocals, Dave on drums and Mark on guitar. Rich joined pretty early on after like 2 rehearsals and by the time we were recording bass and vocals on the demo Fraser was in on drums and Mark was away.

These recordings are cool historical documents: we'd re-record Coffin Mulch on Septic Funeral and we've continued to play Life Devoured regularly. It stands up today and has been something people have asked about repressing loads. The tape art was too small for good reproduction on vinyl so we got David Gunst to do some ace new art for it; is kinda the opposite of the original but still fits the dense, dank vibe of the tunes.

I think we've progressed loads as a band since then and having Derek in is gonna take us cool new places, but this is where it began! UNJOY! " - Al, Coffin Mulch.

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