• Image of Vacuous - Katabasis 12"

"Newly formed London death metal trio VACUOUS have hit the ground running, overcoming the odds of the pandemic to persevere forwards even without being able to play a single show. Off the back of their smashing demo cassette earlier in 2020 (released through F H E D and Red Door Records), Vacuous have honed their craft with a sharper, more polished set of songs that are no less intense and primal.

Speaking about the EP themselves, "Katabasis is a term from Greek mythology which signifies a descent into the underworld. We took this both on a fairly literal level, researching the different physical depths - caves, catacombs and underlands - but also the term’s usage in modern psychology to refer to a descent into one’s psyche as well as depression; particularly fitting given that this EP was recorded in isolation."

Katabasis sees Vacuous delivering more of everything - a more pummelling, raging, harrowing and all around darker record than their first demo. Self-recorded by the band during lockdown, the EP was mixed and mastered by Ben Jones (Slimelord, Lugubrious Children) with additional post-production from Tom Dring (Corrupt Moral Altar) at Vagrant Studios; Vacuous take the influences of old school death metal and reflect them through the lens of a bleak, miserable and oppressive 2020 Britain."

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