• Image of Thou / Ragana - Let Our Names Be Forgotten LP

Feast Of Tentacles, UK

"Thou have already had one of their most prolific years, with the release of their new album Magus and three EPs (Rhea Sylvia, Inconsolable, and The House Primordial), and now they can add yet another release to their 2018 schedule. They just dropped a split EP with Oakland doom duo Ragana called Let Our Names Be Forgotten which is “in memory of those lost in the Ghost Ship fire.” Thou’s two (very lengthy) contributions, “The Fool Who Thought He Was King” and “Death to the King and All His Loyal Subjects,” have that same heavy/beautiful blend as Magus and Rhea Sylvia, and they are both two very worthy contributions to Thou’s 2018 repertoire.

Ragana’s three songs strike a balance between atmospheric psychedelic rock and plodding doom metal, and they get taken to the next level by the duo’s extraordinary vocals, which can go from ethereal singing to harsh, black metal-ish shrieks. These songs pair well with last year’s You Take Nothing, which is also very worth hearing." - Brooklyn Vegan

On beer coloured vinyl

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