• Image of Piggery - Piggery 12"

"The self-titled debut from Aotearoa/New Zealand crust band Piggery pays due and deafening tribute to the hope-obliterating years of 90s crust. With members drawn from noted NZ nihilists Meth Drinker, Pvnisher, Corpse Rat, and Stress Ghetto, Piggery deliver a ruthless summation of all their noise-fuelled experience with a definitive album overflowing with feral hostility and bulldozing intensity. Featuring an uncompromising mix of heavyweight crust, doom, stenchcore, and death metal, and channeling the raw ferocity of influences such as Coffins, Skaven, Hellshock, and Stormcrow, Piggery's brutal audio assault tears open a fathomless pit of despair. The band's filthy, blown-out tracks exude inexorable hatred and ruin, and Piggery's punk/metal onslaught remains an intimidating force throughout. The harshest punk from the Southern Hemisphere's darkest depths."
-C. Hayes

Limited first run of just 100 copies in screen printed, hand numbered sleeves, almost sold out already - with Dry Cough being the only European distro with copies for sale.
(10 copies shipped from NZ cost me just over £22 per record - hence the silly price.)

Sold Out