• Image of Ommadon / Legion Of Andromeda - Crumbling Existence CD

At War With False Noise, UK

"Two bands who are both incredibly heavy; coming from completely different sources but giving the same effect. Total bludgeon!
Ommadon gives us a massive epic drone. It begins like a Ramleh tune, buzzing and cavernous, before being consumed by claustrophobic tone. Riffs developing so slowly they're just about going backwards, totally maximalist heavy metal. There's no beat, no vocals. True friends of the Earth!
After nearly forty minutes of bass tones, Legion Of Andromeda burst forth with three blasts of utterly brain-ripping, spiked-glove-to-the-face extremity. The basic formula of their album is followed: bass drum/cymbal beat - riff - vocal and it's still devestatingly effective. The recording here is much more in-the-red than on the album, feels like the cones of the speakers are taking serious punishment at even moderate volumes. Vocals here are absolutely ace too, absolute monstrous howls from the abyss. "