• Image of Nuclear Remains - Radioactive Composition Cassette

Gurgling Gore, US

"With the threat of nuclear warfare ever looming, what better way to welcome the end of civilization then with some good 'ol fashioned brutal death metal.

"...obnoxious slams, scorched vocals and grooves reminiscent of early Dying Fetus." - DECIBEL MAGAZINE

Hailing from Phoenix, Arizona NUCLEAR REMAINS are a newly formed 4-piece brutal death metal act inspired by demo-era Dying Fetus, Internal Bleeding, Mortal Decay, and Skinless.

Their sounds hearkens back to a time when brutal death metal was in its infancy and most primitive form. Bouncy grooves, intermittent blasts, and inhuman gutturals intermingle with a raw, organic demo production. You could tell me this came out in 1994 and I wouldn't bat an eye!! "

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