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"Mortuary Spawn is a death metal band out of Leeds. You can think of them as an OSDM oriented loose confederacy of demons, because that’s really what they sound like. That and Morbid Angel and Malevolent Creation. Their first album has a pretty straightforward title, that being Spawned from the Mortuary, and it is a very good take on that rusty clink and growl of the first and second wave god dissolving death metal. First off, the beats are absolutely relentless and primitive, reminding of the bursts of demented anger that converted so many heshers to the church of death on Altars of Madness. The vocal work falls somewhere between Chuck Schuldiner’s growling miasmic shoat and L-G Petrov’s disturbed, gurgling croon, which is pitch-perfect for this style of metal. And of course, the guitar grooves are pulled up from the earth, like roots system that has grown to entwine every tree in the forest. It’s pretty difficult to tell when a Trey Azagthoth inspired whiplash twists into a Phil Fasciana style mauling, but you can feel these shifts in your bones, and they will elicit as much excitement as they will fear.

While much of the actual instrumentation on Spawned from the Mortuary is drawn from the more cathartic and devastatingly animalistic qualities of early death metal, the songs are also able to produce a strong ominous atmosphere similar to the cosmic sense of peril that Death was able to cultivate on their later albums. A tradition that bands like Tomb Mold and Blood Incantation continue today. While I think that pure musicianship delivered with the right level of extremity and zeal is enough to make this release worth a listen, it is this extra, twisted panache that allows Mortuary Spawn to embody the para-natural and sanctity-shattering quality of the universe and that gives this EP its horrific and definitive edge. " Noise Noise Magazine

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