• Image of Morbific - Ominous Seep Of Putridity CD

War Anthem Records, Germany

"ast year, Morbific's earth shattering demo "Pestilent Hordes" demo was unleashed, and it rapidly gained them some following amongst the finest gourmets of the variety of festering, mouldering and disgusting Death Metal that's malignantly influenced by Autopsy, Rottrevore, Deteriorot, Mortician, Grave, Maimed, Undergang, Impetigo, and ancient Finnish masters of death and decay, such as Convulse, Funebre and Disgrace. Shortly after, in the spring of 2021, the debut full-length, titled "Ominous Seep of Putridity", saw the odious light of day to unanimous praise by both the fans and the media."