• Image of Meth Fetish - Meth Fetish EP CS

Back in 2013, Dry Cough's first release was a cassette by the relatively unknown, but utterly excellent (and sorely missed) Massachusetts sludgers, Plague Survivors; So it feels fitting that the label's 40th release is another tape, by another little-known band from the foul and squalid sludge underground.

Meth Fetish is Damien Sharrock (guitar/vocals) and Karl Jonas Wijk (bass/drums).
The American-Swedish duo was birthed in 2017, and recorded the 5 tracks that make up this self-titled EP in 2018, with the sole intention of creating a piece of dismal torment. I think it's safe to say they succeeded.

Mixed in Studio Gustafsberg, Kalmar 2019 by Karl Jonas Wijk.

US label Pissgargler Records will be handling a CD release.