• Image of Frozen Blood - Revenge Cassette (DC68)

Dry Cough is thrilled to present the UK/Euro cassette version of the debut release from FROZEN BLOOD.

Hailing from Chile, the duo, consisting of S.A (Devoured of Christian Souls), &
A.A (Sick Stabber), have concocted four tracks of raw and dank old school death metal that wouldn't sound out of place back in the early '90s; their sound so rotten you can practically smell the cavernous crypt full of putrefying corpses where they obviously recorded these aural abominations. The atmosphere and violence of the music are matched perfectly by growling vocals, spewing forth lyrics full of blood, death and revenge.
The EP, rounded our by a cover of Slayer's 'Die By The Sword' is a decaying feast for both the ears and the worms; rank & rotten in the best possible way.

Limited to 100 copies; (50 black / 50 turquoise shells)

This will be released in conjunction with several labels from North, Central, and South America:

- Death in Pieces Records (Mexico)

- Death in Pieces Records (Mexico)
- Excarnation Records (Brazil)

Adirondack Blackmass (USA)

Sold Out