• Image of Coffin Mulch - Septic Funeral 12"

From At War With False Noise, UK

"Long-awaited debut 12" from the UK's best new death metal band! If I do say so myself. This one has been a long-time coming, recorded 18 months ago now and after a good year of fucking about deciding to sort it out myself. I'm always banging on about DIY right, seems daft that when you finally do a band again you'd let someone else dick about with yr vision of what it should be!
Anyway, I can't write about my own tunes, it's embarrassing. Do you like old school death metal? If you like HM2 chainsaw guitars, cryptic vocals, pulverising drums and death-knell bass rumble, this is your bag! I am really chuffed with how this one came out and the other fellas in the band who actually have talent outdid themselves, not to forget the master Tommy Duffin who recorded it made it sound heavy as ALL FUCK and the ace Andy Lippoldt who's mastering skills are second to none. FFO: MASSACRE, CIANIDE, ENTOMBED, AUTOPSY and SINISTER. " - AWWFN