• Image of Charnel Grounds - Molecular Entropy Examined In The Bowels Of A Great One CD

"Charnel Grounds out of Florida have produced another one of this year’s weirdest and most intriguing listens. Originally released independently, this was rightly picked up by the guys over at Sewer Rot Records and was released back in April. This is an extended demo featuring six tracks (CD version) and four on the original demo release. This is a stack of the most killer dissonant death metal that I’ve heard this year full of gurgles, blasts and insane guitar leads that never get boring and always keep you on your toes ready to tear you apart in all manner of ways. This dissonance is perfectly personified by the terrifying artwork that adorns its cover and seeps off every edge staining anywhere you place it! I am really excited for a full-length from this group, and you should be too! - Sleeping Shamen