• Image of No Funeral - Misanthrope CS

From Live Fast Die Recordings, US

"Direct from Minneapolis, Minnesota, comes a scornful sludge metal act called No Funeral. Since their inception in 2011, the band has released several demos and singles. Now, their grimy malignant noise has finally manifested in the form of a full-length debut. Entitled Misanthrope, No Funeral’s inaugural album is a wrathful, belligerent discharge of discontent.

A boiling sense of contempt for — well, life itself — spans the album’s four tracks. Those who find sludge too repetitive will appreciate the album’s grooving (by sludge standards) pace. What makes this album stand out to me is the power of the songs. There’s something going on here that grabs you by the jaw. Something more than feedback and perpetual guitar drones. No Funeral are not the least bit afraid to throw a substantial helping of Sabbath into their riffs".
-No Clean Singing

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