• Image of Jagged Mouth - Louring CS

From The Evergreen Spires, US

"​Jagged Mouth is still a baby band by any measure... and yet they're already coming for quite a few crowns. The Albuquerque outfit has just released its debut release, Louring, and in doing so somehow managed to viciously stomp on most of 2016's other doom releases, even those from bands decades into illustrious careers. Perhaps this is my personal bias for bleak, crumpled sludge coming through, but Jagged Mouth has hit on something special here.

There's that aforementioned sludgy element, obviously, but it comes tempered by an underlying hit of ultra-distorted blues, an often torturously slow pacing, and unexpectedly pretty melodic moments, too. There's an omnipresent groove present, but it's an understated one; this is far from boogie-woogie weed jams or heavy-lidded stoner doom apery, even on the fuzziest tracks (like the distorted fog and wretched howls of "There Is No Help Coming," for example). It's all very Thou-meets-Coffinworm-meets-Samothrace, and since those are three of my favorite bands, it's no wonder I'm hooked." - Kim Kelly, Noisy